Terpènes totaux
Organically made Live Rosin Strawberry Diamond Jam, refreshing and tasty. The premium flowers used for this extract are sun-grown under hoop-house in 200-Gallon pots filled with Living Soil - giving the plant the opportunity to express itself how Nature intended – under the sun and in the ground. Grown in Weedon, QC, these plants were tended by growers who are dedicated to respecting the trichomes. Hand-trim methods, as well as immediate freezing upon harvest, allow the living essence and aromas of the plant to be fully captured. Starting with the ripest trichomes (73μ to 159μ) separated from the flowers, we create “Fresh Press” Rosin using gentle heat and pressure. Next, our Signature Fresh Press is “crashed” into THCa-diamonds and terpene-sauce. The crashing process allows us to transform and create new terpenes trapped in the Fresh Press that otherwise would be impossible to unlock - creating a unique and potent experience. Sauce Rosin Labs is all about channeling the efforts of the breeder, grower, and hash-makers into a premium solventless extract. This product can be vaporized in a dab format between 490°F to 510°F for ultimate enjoyment. Please store in fridge, where possible, to preserve freshness.

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