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Imperial Runtz is a well-balanced strain that produces an initial euphoria and energy, and when that wears off, it brings overall peace and relaxation. This cultivar was developed by Imperial Gro by crossing the Runtz (Zkittles X Gelato) with Forbidden Fruit (Cherry Pie X Tangie). A very tasty variety due to its inheritance, it tantalizes the palate with citrus, cookie, and tropical flavours. Imperial Runtz also combines sweet overripe fruit terpenes, exotic fruit terpenes, and exotic candy terpenes to produce a unique cannabis experience - the product tastes like it smells. This phenotype also features beautiful purple and violet hues on its flowers.

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Wedding Crasher Live Hash Rosin: a premium cannabis concentrate that exemplifies the symbiosis of quality and craftsmanship. We meticulously select the finest cannabis flowers, grown with care and expertise, to create an extraordinary product that cannabis enthusiasts will truly appreciate. Made from fresh frozen Wedding Cake flower, this live hash rosin was recognized as one of the top extracts in Canada. POLAR takes pride in honoring tradition while embracing modern techniques. We use a solventless extraction process, ensuring a clean and pure concentrate that captures the essence of the plant without compromising its natural chemical structure. Through this innovative method, we concentrate the plant's most desirable features, including natural terpene profiles and a broad spectrum of cannabinoids, resulting in a truly exceptional product. Crafted with passion and precision, this live hash rosin reaches a very strong potency. With a robust THC level, this concentrate offers a deeply satisfying experience for those seeking the effects associated with THC.

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Morning, Noon and Night Sublingual CBD spray is a high potency CBD spray that is both affordable and convenient. Each sprayer contains 2,800 mg of CBD in an organic coconut derived MCT oil.

Designed to deliver 10 mg per spray, our dosing system offers consumers and easy way to calculate their daily desired dosage. Trying to achieve a dose of 60 mg per day? Simply take two sprays, morning, noon, and night. A high dose of 150 mg per day would only require five sprays, three times a day, for a total of 15 sprays.


Coconut-derived MCT Oil, Cannabis extract

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