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Abba Medix’s The Gas, is actually the Triangle Mints cultivar from Seed Junky Genetics. This version was phenotype hunted and grown by Daniel Torres and his mentor, David Hull. Daniel Torres is an Abba Medix alumnus and the master grower at TorrCann Craft Cannabis.

TorrCann’s offering of Triangle Mints is a highly potent, dense, resinous, sativa-leaning hybrid. It boasts spice and earthy flavours with diesel undertones. It has an uplifting, yet relaxing effect.

Seed Junky Genetics is widely regarded as one of the top-tier breeders in the world. They are the company behind LA Kush Cake, Ice Cream Cake, Wedding Cake, Kush Mints, and the cultivar behind The Gas, Triangle Mints.

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Moroccan Blonde is a product made from hybrid varieties carefully formulated to achieve the desired balance. It is extracted using the dry sift method and has a friable texture. Diesel, spicy and earthy notes are prevalent in this lightly pressed hash.

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Opticann’s CB4 Relief-T are green-coloured oral softgel capsules, providing medical patients with a fast-acting, high-potency CBD option combined with a low dose of THC for an additive effect. They have 4x higher potency (based on peak absorption) and 3x faster onset (faster time to reach peak) versus most other oral CBD products.

CB4 Relief-T soft gels from Opticann contain 25mg of CBD, 13mg of beta-caryophyllene (BCP), and 0.75mg of THC per capsule. These three ingredients are reported to act on the cannabinoid receptors in the endocannabinoid system. Gluten-free, non-GMO formulation.

This product contains low levels of THC, which may result in a mild level of THC side effects, including drowsiness, dizziness, and dry mouth. These innovative CBD softgel capsules are formulated with patented VESIsorb® technology for increased and consistent bioavailability, offering maximum and safe CBD absorption when taken orally.

VESIsorb® is used to maintain the quality and stability of your medical cannabis.

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