Medical Cannabis for Veterans

Thank you for your service.

Abba Medix takes great pride in supporting our Canadian Veterans after the military by providing them with cannabis care.  As a veteran, you may be eligible to receive financial support for your medical cannabis through Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC).  If eligible, you can receive up to 3 grams (dried or equivalent in other forms) of medical cannabis coverage a day with a maximum of $8.50 per gram.

Any product that is priced over $8.50 per gram will be absorbed by Abba Medix. All cannabis products sold through Abba Medix are covered under direct billing through Veterans Affairs Canada. Abba also provides pre-coverage of up to 90 grams to eligible veterans.

Abba Medix recognizes the benefit of medical cannabis for veteran spouses too, and we do our best to accommodate them by offering a 20% discount on orders. Spouses must have the same residence as their partner, but if you have a caregiver exception, please contact customer service for more information.

We, with our veteran founders, believe in the value of medical cannabis to reduce suffering of veterans struggling with operational stress injuries. We have designed a menu to meet your needs.

We currently offer two cannabis cultivars unique to our veteran patients — Veteran Kush and Vet Star Day —alongside other products and formats designed for various modes of Consumption including inhalation, vaping, topicals, sublingual, sprays, oils, and capsules.

Our partnership with Canada House —named for the soldier safe haven in Afghanistan—has facilitated a peer-support network, educational workshops and events, resources, and assistance with Veterans Affairs.

Contact our client care team at or call 1-844-696-3349 for any and all assistance.

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Register with Abba Medix

Registering with Abba Medix is quick, easy, and conveniently online. Please ensure to include your K number. If you prefer to speak to a human, please call us at 1-844-696-3349.

Your clinic or doctor will have to send your medical document to our fax at 905-492-8420.

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Need a prescription?

Are you a veteran that needs coverage?

If you are new to medical cannabis and want to explore coverage, or need a prescription, you will need to consult with a cannabis clinic. Abba Medix works in concert with many cannabis clinics, however we recommend our sister company Canada House.

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Transfer Your Prescription

If you are already registered with a licensed producer (LP), you can easily transfer your medical document (RX) to Abba Medix. Register online and ask your clinic to help you transfer, or contact your current LP to request a transfer.

To avoid any disruptions in ordering your medical cannabis, please place your last order with your current LP before you request a transfer.

If you have any questions or concerns throughout the process, please don't hesitate to call our Customer Care Team at 1-844-696-3349.

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Why Abba for Veterans?

Canada House founding veterans purchased Abba to have an LP cater to the needs of veterans. We are committed to maintaining that mission by:

-Offering a full menu with all cannabis products from over 15 brands across the industry.

-Caring, knowledgeable and fast Customer Service that understands veteran benefits and needs.

-Better dried flower options including Veteran focused strains. Exclusive carrier of MTL Cannabis strains on the medical market.

-Working closely with Canada House, a leading veteran oriented clinic, but will work with any cannabis clinic.

-Contributing directly to Veteran programs and events to give back.

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Introducing Abba Vets

Abba Vets, under the direction of our Veteran advisory council, has hand-selected craft growers, organic growers, and award winning brands to expand our product portfolio, while building a phenomenal team. We really strive to bring the best products with great terpene profiles to the medical cannabis marketplace.

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