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Last week we announced the new Abba Medix tagline “Stand for Something.” As part of that initiative, we are pleased to share another step we are taking to Stand for Veterans. 

2021 was a big year for Abba Medix. We have grown from helping 350 Veterans to now serving over 1,000. Our medical cannabis marketplace grew from a small menu to over 100 products from brands you know and trust within the cannabis industry. As we increased our product offering, we saw a need to highlight the products most popular among our Veteran community. 

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Abba Vets brand to our portfolio. A brand for veterans and approved by veterans. We hope you will share our pride in showing our Veteran focus, not only related to cannabis but together with Canada House and the PTGA in truly helping Veterans. 

Abba Medix will carefully curate a portfolio of top-quality products to be stamped with this brand. We know your medication plays an essential part in your overall health and wellness, so a careful selection process will ensure only the best of our menu is available under the Abba Vets brand. You will notice this logo on some of your favourite products in the coming weeks in our shop. 

MRS Veteran Kush and Vet Star Day will be part of this line-up, with many more to be announced. We can’t wait to show you what’s in store.  We will put out Abba Vets packaging for our selected dried flower in the coming months and show the Abba Vets logo on our portal for products from other brands that we know our Veterans prefer. 

We are working on an Abba Vets merchandise order, so you can expect to see some great Abba Vets branded items in your mailbox this spring! 

We hope to make Abba Vets a brand you know and trust for years to come. Looking forward to hearing your feedback to help us further improve our offerings. Thank you for your service and loyalty to Abba Medix, trusting our team with your medical cannabis needs.


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