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LA Confidential and Black Cherry Soda meld together in the LA Soda Jet Pack from BZAM, featuring four high-THC 0.5g pre-rolls of milled LA Soda flower infused with 99% THCA.

Indica-dominant with berry, sweet, cherry and pine flavours from limonene, linalool and caryophyllene, these pre-rolls contain whole milled flower only, so get ready to pop off with the LA Soda Jet Pack.

**This product is being discontinued by the vendor and is only available while inventory lasts.**


Pré-rouleaux à dominance indica infusés avec 99 % d’isolat de THCA pour un très fort potentiel de puissance de THC, avec des saveurs de baies, sucrées, de cerise et de pin. 

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