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The Franco’s Fullgas! Is a cut of Exodus Cheese crossed with Sunset Sherbert x Diagonal OG which was propagated by Green House Seed Company in 2015. The result came out as a stunning cross that combines the powerful and pungent smell of the Exodus Cheese with the plant structure and vigor of the Sherbert OG. The phenotype selected has the perfect bud shape and aroma of the Diagonal OG, but with the creaminess and sweetness of the Sunset Sherbert, a perfect mix of both with a beautiful plant structure typical of an OG. A touch of the gas pops out when inhaled to bring out a beautiful and flavourful experience where the sweetness of the cheese comes first, and then the woody notes of the OG kicks in. The effects are uplifting, strong, fast hitting, and combined with Exodus Cheese makes it a great smoke to relax – put down the pedal – Franco’s Fullgas!

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